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Smoke Vents

Choosing the proper smoke vent could mean saving a building and saving lives in the event of a fire. Venting is that important. Smoke and heat vents improve visibility and reduce temperatures and hazardous gas concentrations.The enhanced visibility and reduction of hazardous gasses and dangerous temperatures benefits escaping occupants of the building and firefighters who need to locate the fire to complete fire extinguishment.

Roof Curb Systems offers a full line of smoke vents including both fusible-link and melt-out systems. We will work with you to determine the most efficient vent sizes and combinations to accommodate your floor-to-vent ratio.

Determining Your Requirements
The IBC requires smoke and heat vents to be provided on a 0.09m2 (1 sq. ft.) of vent area for every 7 m2 (75 sq. ft.) or 9 m2 (100 sq. ft.) of building area, depending on storage height.

The IFC establishes regulations affecting or relating to structures, processes, premises, and safeguards from the hazard of fire and explosion. It is intended to outline requirements for existing buildings both the uniform codes and the standard codes required smoke vents.

For information concerning the spacing of vents and venting ratios refer to NFPA 204M, “Guide for Smoke and Heat Venting”, and/or 2003 International Fire Code, Fire Protection Systems, Section 910 smoke and heat vents, Table 910.3 under requirements for draft curtains and smoke and heat vents.

Project: Barnes & Noble, Inc. - Distribution Center

Contractor: Greenfield Builders Inc, Indianapolis IN
Building Size: 720,000 SF
Number of units: 240
Unit Size: 60” x 120”
Type: Quad Leaf Fusible Lid Smoke Vents, 360 Degree Link to allow sprinkler heads to activate before vents open.
Required Ratio 50:1
Project Details: Project consist of insulated metal lids over all automated systems and translucent skylight lids in areas requiring day lighting.

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