Looking for an Fast and Easy way to Mount
HVAC Split System Condensers?
How does 15 minutes sound?


Another Break Through Product By RCS Save Time & Money

The new Fast-Rac Roof Platform System takes about 15 minutes to install.

Compare that to the labor and expense of purchasing and installing a roof curb and curb support system.

The Fast-Rac system installs in minutes not hours and will not void your roof warranty. Fast-Rac is held in place using two utility clamps on each rib, so no fasteners will penetrate your roof panel.

US Patent Pending

  • 15 minute install
  • No Roof Curb
  • No fasteners in roof
  • No water blocked
  • Durable aluminum construction
Systems for all major roof types:
  • Trapezoidal Standing Seam Panels
  • Architectural Vertical Rib Panels
  • R-Panels

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