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48 x 48 Roof Hatch

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48 x 48 Roof Hatch
Product Details

Our stock 48” x 48” curb mount roof hatch meets the 2006 IBC requirements. Our stock 48” x 48” curb mount roof hatch design allows field flexibility in locating the opening direction as the entire unit can be rotated 90-180 degrees. The curb mount design also allows the erector to remove the roof hatch separately from the curb during roof curb installation. The 48” x 48” sleeve-in roof hatch can be combined with any curb style. Note: IBC 2006 requires hatches be 16 square foot. We interpret this to be 48”x48” as we understand the design intent was to allow a firefighter to access with O2 tank. However OSHA requires that the safety cage be 27” from center of rung to outside of cage at the top point and flare out at the bottom 4” to prevent hitting ones head on the cage.

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