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Metal Roof Curbs

Today in the metal building industry there are three primary categories of curb styles to choose from:
  1. Seam to Seam Roof Curbs or Seam-In
  2. Flat Flange with loose rib covers & plugs or welded on rib caps and plugs.
  3. Internal Flange Roof Curbs
In order to determine the best solution for your needs, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What are the Building or Roof Panel supplier’s warranties requirements?
  • What is the panel type; Trapezoidal Standing Seam, Exposed Fastener or Architectural?
  • Is this a new construction project or one that needs a retro-fit installation?
Note: Proper sub-framing is critical for any successful roof penetration. For floating standing seam roof systems the sub-framing must also float, resist negative pressure and be elevated to the roof panel elevation.

When it comes to roof curbs for metal roofs, there are a variety of styles and types. Also, there are many options associated with installation. Simply consult with any of our experts at RCS and we will guide you through all your options and help you make an informed, accurate decision. All you have to do is take advantage of our expertise!

Total Systems Approach

Our exclusive RCS HVAC coordination service, X-factor™, makes curb planning and installation hassle free. Simply give us the HVAC unit model number and we give you the correct curb size and duct layout for the selected unit. In addition, once the unit model number is provided, we are able to recommend the best orientation for the unit as well as determine both the minimum purlin spacing for ductwork clearance and maximum unit weight, all of which assist in making the building engineer’s job much easier. This RCS exclusive service ensures that the supply and return duct drops are properly coordinated with the purlin spacing thus eliminating purlin splicing which ultimately saves you time and money. That’s what we call X-factor™. And that’s what makes you the hero.

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