The Latest Welding technology Offers Better Quality & Price.

Roof Curb Systems uses the latest (cutting Edge) in Welding technology to offer Quality & Price. Over the past several years Roof Curb Systems migrated its Metal building Roof Curbs to Aluminum. One of the primary advantages of using Aluminum is the welds will never rust. However welding aluminum historically has required a greater skill level as most fabricators will use a very slow and expensive Tig Welding process (GTAW). In order to offer our customers competitive pricing Roof Curb Systems had to find a different welding process as Tig Welding was too slow of a processes and made our price point too expensive. During a trip to Fabtech, the worlds largest fabricating technology trade show we found a better way.Roof Curb Systems converted all aluminum welders to OTC DAIHEN's welding equipment. OTC DAIHEN has always been a world leader in the robotic welding sector. Roof Curb Systems found that the OTC DAIHEN welders offers a superior quality weld and actually welds faster that traditional MIG welding (GMAW).
We have greater production uptime and quality with out increasing your costs.