Over 50,000 TRAC Rail Installations. Zero Structural Failures

Since 1996, Roof Curb Systems has been a leader in innovation by developing roof penetration systems for the pre-engineered metal building industry. Our core roof curb support product, the TRAC Rail Floating Curb Support System, has been successfully installed over 50,000 times without a single structural failure. Within our industry, there is a growing demand for manufacturers of construction products to provide relevant records of various approvals and case-by-case field calculations. As an industry leader, Roof Curb Systems recently commissioned the expertise of a major structural engineering firm licensed in 50 states to assist in the analysis of our TRAC Rail Curb Support System and developing calculations, based on the 2006 International Building Code, in the following three categories: dead loads, wind loads, and seismic. Calculations were based on information derived from two different brands of HVAC Units, ranging from three to 15 tons (320—1800 lbs.) with both narrow and wide side orientations. Calculations were also run based on various purlin spacings: 42" OC, 48" OC, 54" OC, and 60" OC. In addition to analyzing and developing calculations on the HVAC units, two different categories of roof fans of various sizes and weights were also analyzed. There were three categories in which calculations were preformed: TracRail Calculations We are proud to report that Roof Curb Systems passed with no failures in all three categories. In our continued effort to be a successful industry leader, our next step is to apply for Florida Approval status. This process is expected to take six months. It is the goal of Roof Curb Systems to be the first manufacturer in our industry to offer a Roof Penetration System that includes a Florida Approval.