Total Systems Approach

RCS has a unique combination of experience in both the HVAC and metal building fields that allows us to easily coordinate your HVAC needs. Our HVAC coordination service is our way of providing you with the best possible fit and requires a minimal effort on your part.

Roof Curb Systems has the most comprehensive electronic library of HVAC unit data of anyone in our industry. Our library includes maximum RTU unit weights, corner weights and dimensions.

Thousands of model numbers are linked to the related HVAC unit curb drawings. You provide the model number and we can show you your minimum required purlin or joist spacing for the duct work to coordinate with your building.

If the unit required a Double Curb, we can tell you your I-beam Box-out requirements

Call RCS for HVAC Coordination Project Planning.

Save time and money

Check out sample drawings:

- Standard Metal Building HVAC Curb Drawing

- Double Curb Floating HVAC Curb Drawing

1. Always request the HVAC make and model number and ask your builder to send the factory curb drawing and specification sheets from the mechanical contractor. With HVAC units, these documents are more important than mere curb size information because the documents provide vital information such as:
- Unit weight
- Corner weights
- Supply and return opening layout dimensions

2. After you determine the best orientation for layout of the unit, double check purlin point loads. RCS is happy to assist you with orientation and weights.

Ask yourself...

- Is the point load over 300 pounds?
- Is a double purlin required at the center purlin of a double span support system?

3. Try to control the unit layout or orientation to work best with your purlin or joist spacing. This minimizes costly purlin splicing and double curbs. Units may be rotated or cantilevered to allow the duct work to drop through the purlins. Roof Curb Systems include this in our detailing services.

4. Recommend a flexible connection be used for duct work connection with floating standing seams.

The HVAC factory curb often shows a 14” high curb. In most cases, a lower profile standard 8” curb will work. The 14” curb usually applies to a conventional roof where 8” should be maintained above the finished roof.

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