We are about solutions.

Historically the component approach of standard sheet metal shop curb companies has been to let the customer be responsible for determining the correct curb size by filling out an order form. This approach transfers responsibility to the builder or customer and the standard curb company is released from all responsibility. Curb support is left to the erector or contractor and accessories may or may not be included with the curbs and installation details are left to others. This kind of components approach tends to create problems. At RCS, we prefer to create solutions for our customers.

We are about innovative products.

RCS was founded in 1997 with the aim of fulfilling the void for a “Total Systems Approach” to roof penetrations in the metal building Industry. The company patented its Revolutionary Floating TRAC-Rail Curb Support System to address the unique properties of standing seam roof systems. The TRAC-Rail system has been utilized by metal building manufacturers as well as being sold nationally to Contractors. RCS has over 30,000 TRAC Rail Roof Penetration Systems in place and still growing. Now with a family of TRAC Rail products we are able to adapt to almost any roof system condition. At Roof Curb Systems we believe success is in the details, so we provide installation details with every order.

We are about exclusive service.

Because RCS has experience in both the metal building and the HVAC industries we are able to coordinate the critical details necessary when working with these two industries. We coordinate the mechanical contractor's HVAC equipment details with the metal building's roof and framing layout conditions in order to guarantee a seamless fit. It's one of the things that makes RCS better than our competition. At Roof Curb Systems we never want our customer to give us a curb size for an order. Instead, give us the HVAC unit model number and we take full responsibility for ensuring the curb will fit the roof top unit. We also recommend the best unit orientation to distribute unit loadings and allow supply and return to work with purlin or bar-joist spacing. That kind of service saves you time and money.

What Makes RCS Unique?
  • Our exclusive HVAC coordination service.
  • Our System Solution approach to an industry full of component problems
  • Sales Coordinators are crossed trained in Pre-Engineered and HVAC
  • Sales Coordinators are AUTO-Cad proficient
  • We actually coordianted HVAC duct drops to pulin/joist lay-out and recommend the optimal orientation
  • Actively develop improved installation methods working with erectors and service reps
  • Installation details and shop drawings shipped with all jobs
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